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Feb 14, 2013 12:00am PST
foreign policy. >> we don't agree on very much in terms of foreign policy. when i think about the national security team that led to my comment that i thought the president was making second-rate choices, that goes to things like hagel for defense, susan rice to state, brennan for c.i.a.. >> brennan worked closely, was in the c.i.a. >> john was around when we were there. he didn't play a prominent role. that's really developed since he joined this administration. >> rose: but there are -- >> but there are people that could be appoint as director of c.i.a. folks like steve cap pass. i don't know if you know him? >> rose: i know him very well. >> talented guy, enormously respected. >> rose: retired from the c.i.a.. >> he has retired. they brought him back once before, we did. with people of that caliber available, i'm surprised you end up going with somebody like brennan. i just -- i come back to the proposition that it looks to me-- and speculative on my part, obviously, i'm not in the meetings-- that the president has made choices in part based on people who won't argue with him.
Feb 12, 2013 11:00pm PST
manufacturing, touched on foreign policy and at the end reached, i think it's fair to say, an emotional crescendo when he talked about gun violence in america and recognized a number of individuals there in the house chamber who have been touched by gun violence. either they're the survivors, surviving family members or who themselves have been victims of gun violence. mark, we were counting, i think, as he went through... i know i made some notes. almost a dozen new initiatives the president announced on everything from international trade to higher education to doing something about the voting experience in america. it seemed like the president was trying to inject some energy into his second term. >> i agree wu, judy. i just want to underline the emotional apex of the evening was undoubtedly the "deserve a vote" chant that the president led when he spoke on gun control and the need, making the argument that our police departments were outgunned by those with assault weapons with criminal intent. and i thought that a speech that quite frankly lacked a lot of energy and emoti
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am EST
foreign policy in the first term. he's insourcing it back in the whitehouse again. this is his foreign policy and he's running into controversy over the drone program right now. this is a foreign policy national security team that is much more implementers and not super stars in their own right. barack obama has got ownership. he doesn't seem to support the kind of cast he had four years ago. >> rose: mark halperin when you looked at the possibilities of dealing with republicans especially the sequester question, is there some sense that the administration kneeling confident has pulled it off? >> i'm more pessimistic about it than i've been since probably the president took office. these other issues -- >> rose: since he was re-elected. >> no, since he took office. put these other issues on the table. gun control and climate change. i don't think there's any chance of those move until and unless he gets a fiscal deal in part because the traffic won't bear other big big things. and also because i don't think you can get those things through without the kind of trust that will co
Feb 19, 2013 12:00pm PST
want to have free enterprise and strong military and strong foreign policy presence but we also want to tell people how to live. it's not just republicans. the democrats are the same way. neither side wants to find where we can come together as americans. it's -- the problem is not with the american people. the american people have strong views. but the american people want government that's going to solve things. they want government that's going to -- i don't know what you and i agree on or don't agree on but i'll bet you if there was so problem in the studio or somewhere else and we wanted to solve it we'd sit down and solve it. >> rose: absolutely. still, i'm bothered by how you get it -- how does someone from -- change the system you suggest change incentives as you suggest change the parties that you suggest it. and make sure tail is not waging the dog. >> for one thing, the influence of money is very corrosive and the money is not coming from grass-roots from people like you and me who want to support candidates from outside interest groups. >> rose: and super pacs. >> su
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)